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"For The World's More Full Of Weeping Than You Can Understand:" Small Worlds (S01E05)

Roy -Trigger Warning- I will be discussing issues of Child Abuse.  Goodness gracious there is absolutely no humour in this episode. Seriously, there is not any. When I was looking for smart alecy quotes to use for the blog title could not find anything. This is surprising even amidst the bleakness of Cyberwoman there was some dark or unintentional humour to be found, that is not the case here. Small Worlds is a fascinating story thematically and accurately articulates the existentialist themes of Torchwood but by the end of the world the audience will agree with the sentiment: "For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand".  Jasmine Pierce Gee golly gosh gloriosky this is a difficult story to discuss in a fun way. There is not even a Horny Exploding Rat Award this week, I am so hard up for humour. That said: S mall Worlds is a strong episode because every aspect of the story is built around a strong central existential theme of Humanism get your shot gla

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